Leaded and Stained Glass

If you live in an older property featuring leaded windows or stained glass, there is a good chance you will have one or two cracked panes, fragile windows which you are afraid to clean or panes which have been "repaired" with unsightly sealants. If you have problems such as:
  • Cracked, broken or loose panes
  • Rusting or decaying frames
  • Gaps between the lead panel and frame
  • Loose or missing ties and fixings
  • Rattles and leaks
  • Unsightly "repairs"
Then please contact us to discuss your options. We can probably do something about it, whether it is a simple repair or a full restoration.  Modern replacement windows seldom look right in an older property, and there is really no need to consider this drastic (and expensive) step when your original windows can be rejuvenated to last for decades to come. The cost of repair or restoration may not be as much as you think - and if your building is listed or you live in a conservation area, replacement may not be an option at all. There have been a number of cases recently where local authorities have been taking enforcement action to have modern replacement windows reinstated to their original condition.

We cover the North York Moors and East Cleveland, including Malton, Pickering, Helmsley, Scarborough, Whitby, Guisborough, Saltburn, Redcar, Middlesbrough and surrounding areas.