Leaded and Stained Glass 
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We can undertake work on domestic leaded light windows (including stained glass) ranging from replacement of broken panes and damaged lead, refixing of loose panes or panels, right up to full restoration.
Old and brittle lead can be replaced, existing old glass can be reused and broken panes replaced with matching, traditionally-made glass to retain the "rippled" effect of old windows.  Iron frames are derusted and painted with long-lasting enamel, and the glass panel refitted to the frame using a combination of traditional fastenings and modern sealants to ensure a watertight finish.
Costs mainly depend on the time required to do the work, but replacing a few broken panes could be a lot less than you think, and even complete restoration of a leaded panel is likely to be less than the cost of installing a modern replacement window - and will look much better too.
New lead being cut to size